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The VTHR database contains confidential employee information. Use and/or disclosure of confidential information is strictly regulated. All questions about the appropriate use of VTHR information must be directed to the Department of Human Resources before making any disclosure not expressly authorized. (An employees access to Employee Self Service is not governed by these same terms.) By using VTHR, you understand and agree to the following terms:
  • I have read and understand the States employee information and confidentiality policies, including, but not limited to, State Policy 5.4, and will only access information for a legitimate business need.
  • I will not share or disclose VTHR information in any manner or for any purpose that is not specifically required for the performance of my official duties.
  • I will ensure that any VTHR information I access is stored in a secure manner that reasonably protects it from unauthorized access.
  • I will not use any VTHR information for my personal benefit or for the unauthorized benefit of any person or entity.
  • I will not share my assigned login or password without express written direction from the Department of Human Resources, and understand that unauthorized disclosure will result in immediate revocation of system access.
  • I understand that violating the States conduct or confidentiality policies and/or compromising the security of VTHR may result in disciplinary or corrective action, up to and including dismissal from employment.